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  • Elementary Menu [PDF]
  • Brunch is served at 10 am. Cost is $3.00
  • Lunch is served at noon. Cost is $4.75

Students must order their choice of lunch each morning by 8:30 am in their classrooms. Whether they have money deposited in their meal account or qualify for free or reduced price lunch, all children must indicate their choice of lunch in the morning. Once they do that, the lunch is ordered. If your child is coming late to school, please make sure he or she has a lunch from home or else call the office by 8:30 AM to order a lunch for him or her.

Ways to deposit money into meal accounts

  • Give cash, or checks (payable to PAUSD), to your students' school offices or cafeterias.
  • Mail a check to Student Nutrition Services at 25 Churchill Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Make sure you put your students' names or ID numbers on the check.
  • Open an account at and charge to your credit cards. There is a $3 fee per transaction for this service.

Questions? please call PAUSD Food Services at (650) 329-3806 or send an email to Additional information can also be found on the PAUSD website.

Free and reduced priced meals

Families may be eligible for free or reduced priced meals. To apply, download the Free and Reduced Meals form:

Or visit to apply online. You can also pick up a Free and Reduced Meal Application Form at any school site, or at the district office, and mail it to 25 Churchill Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

Even if your family qualified for free or reduced meals last year, you will need to reapply for the new school year. This is a district policy, and must be adhered to each school year.