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800 Barron Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94306
Tel (650) 858-0508
Fax (650) 813-1031

News & Events

At Barron Park Elementary four main tools are used to share news and events: Konstella, eNews, the PTA website, and this website. You'll also receive other emails periodically.


Konstella helps us in a number of ways at Barron Park. You'll find our school directory there along with opportunities to volunteer, for example. When it comes to school events, Konstella helps us with things like sign-up sheets and getting a picture of who's attending.

Join Barron Park Elementary on Konstella to receive communications from the PTA and use the online school directory. Please email the Barron Park PTA if you need further information or help.

Barron Park eNews

eNews is our weekly email newsletter about upcoming school events. You'll also find information about PAUSD events and other things happening in our community.

PTA website

News on the PTA site focuses on supporting PTA activities. You'll find information on such things as upcoming meetings, meeting minutes, and organization.

Check out the PTA website where you can also learn about opportunities to get involved.

This website

You'll find letters from our principal posted to this website. We'll also share information about things like After-School Activities and our Inquiry Fair. Many times the events in Konstella are replicated here as well.

You can find older posts in the archive.