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School Garden

Tomato plant at Barron Park garden
Sunflowers along a fence
People working at Barron Park garden
Various fresh vegetables

The Barron Park School edible garden, on the north side of the school, was renovated spring 2015. The school edible garden is being used for noon programs, which is open to all students.

Construction on the new California native habitat garden has been concluded in October 2015. The native habitat garden features 30-40 different species of native plants and represents 4-5 plant communities - Redwood Forest, Mixed Woodland, Chaparral, Coastal Sage Scrub and Grassland. Living Classroom lesson topics include habitats, ecology, biodiversity, ethnobotany, vegetables, and fruits.

Parent participation is always very welcome to keep our great garden going. If you are interested in assisting with noon garden activities or with garden maintenance, contact garden parent, Joanna Rashid.