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Strong Curriculum

While each teacher at Barron Park School is encouraged to use creative individual methods, all teachers share commitment to the rigorous California and PAUSD academic standards. Our kindergarten program builds on skills and knowledge children have learned at home or pre-school. The manner of instruction – motivation, grouping, pacing, reinforcing and reteaching – is determined by each teacher as he or she works to meet individual needs. Our curriculum includes life skills that help our students to develop socially and emotionally.

Another exciting aspect of kindergarten at Barron Park School is hands-on science units with Palo Alto's Jr. Museum & Zoo. Instructors from the Jr. Museum visit all Barron Park classes to provide interactive science learning; this program is generously funded by donations made to PiE.

Extended Learning/Full-Day Kindergarten

Barron Park offers a Full-Day Kindergarten Program. Students begin the year with a half-day program designed to introduce them to school life. Then, in mid-October, students stay until 2:30 pm; except on Wednesday minimum days when they stay until 1:30 pm. The full-day program at Barron Park allows students the opportunity to participate in structured social activities and enrichment, such as music, physical education (PE), art, dance, and science with the Jr. Museum.


Barron Park School includes students and staff members from a wide range of ethnicities, cultures, and socioeconomic groups. We work together to ensure that students from every background can meet on safe, nurturing common ground.

Parent Volunteers

Parent helpers are welcomed at Barron Park School. Parents chaperone field trips; lead some small group activities; share cultural customs; and assist in all aspects of the daily academic program.

Celebrations and the Arts

The year is full of color and life for the kindergartners at our school. A few examples of special kindergarten activities: performing songs during a special Harvest Feast in November; celebrating Chinese New Year by parading around our school with a huge dragon and many other great school events where Kindergarteners participate.

Thanks to support from Palo Alto Partners in Education, every class has Spectra Art lessons. Also with PiE funding, kindergartners participate in cross-cultural and performing arts units.

Field Trips and Hands-On Learning

During the year, students take a variety of curriculum-related field trips. They visit Hidden Villa FarmSan Francisco Zoo, and other local attractions. Hands-on activities such as planting vegetables and observing animals are closely tied to core curricula in science, math, and literacy.