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Site Council

The Site Council is a state-mandated group of elected parents, teachers, and staff who help create, approve and oversee the school's improvement plan and budget. It also serves as an advisory council to the principal on key issues.

Site Council Members

Parent Members

  • Nader Farr
  • Scott Anderson
  • Joanna Rashid

Staff Members

  • Eric Goddard, Principal
  • Lori Ann Sapigao
  • Reva Shiv
  • Nicholas Foote

Site Council Meetings

Please see the School Calendar for meeting dates. Unless noted, all meetings take place from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM in the Barron Park Staff Lounge and are open to all community members.

Community Members are invited to voice issues and concerns in the Open Forum section of the meeting agenda. Community Members are given 3 minutes to speak; the Site Council will not respond at the time, but will take the information to be part of a future Site Council agenda.

What is the difference between the Site Council and PTA?

The illustration below shows the difference between the Site Council and the PTA.