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Vision & Values

Barron Park prides itself of being an inclusive school. All our students, staff and families support one another to create and maintain an environment where everyone feels included, supported, and safe for their learning.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum with enriched arts experiences. Through small group instruction in many subjects, such as our Writer’s and Reader’s Literacy Workshops, every student is challenged and supported to meet their fullest intellectual, social, and creative potential.

Our Maker’s Space and Sensory/Motor Rooms are great examples of how we engage the whole child in their education here at Barron Park. And with one-to-one iPads, technology is integrated as a learning tool in all content areas.

Support and enrichment are provided based on individual student’s needs. Our culture of respect and empathy honors all students for their gifts and encourages them to become caring, mindful, upstanding contributors in society.

One has only to visit Barron Park once to understand what a special, collaborative and inclusive environment we have established for our entire community of learners.